Teaching Supervision

The following guidelines govern Classics faculty supervision of graduate
students serving as sole instructors:

1. A faculty member assumes responsibility for supervising whichever
graduate students serve as sole instructor in a specific course for a
three-year period.

2. When a graduate student is assigned to that course he/she is informed
of the faculty member who will serve as his/her supervisor, while the
faculty supervisor is informed of the student/students who will be
teaching the course for which he/she is responsible during the coming

3. The faculty supervisor and graduate student instructor meet well
before the beginning of the semester to review what will be involved in
teaching the course.

4. The graduate student instructor provides the faculty supervisor with
a draft copy of the proposed syllabus for his/her review and comment not
less than one week before the beginning of the semester.

5. The faculty supervisor makes himself/herself available to the
graduate student instructor for consultation throughout the semester.

6. The faculty supervisor and graduate student instructor arrange for a
mid-semester course evaluation and review together the results of this

7. The faculty supervisor audits at least one class meeting of the
course as agreed with the graduate student instructor.

8. After the conclusion of the semester the faculty supervisor and the
graduate student instructor hold a meeting at which they review the
latter’s performance in the course.