Graduate Program

The Department of Classics at the University at Buffalo offers the MA and PhD in Classics with concentrations in classical literature, ancient history, and Mediterranean archaeology. The Buffalo faculty is well known for scholarship in a variety of fields, especially Roman archaeology, ancient religion, Greek and Latin epic poetry, linguistics, epigraphy, and Greek urbanism.

The graduate program offers training that combines specialization with a foundation of considerable breadth. In the first year of study, students are given the opportunity to strengthen their command of the classical languages, and to survey methods, content, and issues of the field as a whole. In the second year, students are expected to choose a special area of interest and to undertake independent investigation.

Students concentrating in classical languages and literature develop a broad background in ancient Mediterranean cultures with courses in ancient history and archaeology. Students concentrating in Greek and Roman history study two classical languages and also take courses in archaeology. Students concentrating in archaeology study two classical languages to the MA level and one to the PhD level.

Archaeologists have opportunities for fieldwork in Italy, Greece, and elsewhere. By participating in these projects, students experience all phases of archaeological research, from surveys to preparing publications. They assist in the analysis of finds and carry on their own research projects under the direction of excavation staff or faculty.

The Department of Classics maintains its own reference library, a slide library, a computer lab, facilities for archaeological data analysis, and a well-equipped lab designed for materials analysis.

The department endeavors to expose students to the current research of practicing scholars by hosting lectures, colloquia, and conferences where faculty, guests and students present projects for debate and discussion. The department’s publications, Arethusa and the new series, Arethusa Books, represent the department’s commitment to original scholarship.

The UB Classics Department supports at least 18 Teaching Assistants each year. Supplementary fellowships, dissertation fellowships, and support for graduate research and travel are also available.

The Department’s graduate students have an active Graduate Student Association, which meets to discuss graduate issues, holds conferences and social events, and helps fund graduate research travel.

The Classics Department makes all possible efforts to inform its graduate students about safety and security issues on the UB campus. For information on campus crime statistics, university emergency plans and procedures, and university security and fire compliance, please see the legal notices section of the UB Graduate School website.