Roger Woodard

Andrew V. V. Raymond Professor of the Classics
Phone: 645-0464

Graduate Degrees:

  • Ph.D.: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C. (1986).

Expertise/research interests:

  • Greek literature; Roman, Greek, and Indo-European religion and myth; Anthropology of Greece and Rome; Greek alphabet and other writing systems; Indo-European linguistics; the interaction between the Near East and Greece

Selected Publications:

  • The Textualization of the Greek Alphabet (Cambridge University Press, 2014)

  • Myth, Ritual, and the Warrior in Roman and Indo-European Antiquity (Cambridge University Press, 2013)

  • Indo-European Sacred Space: Vedic and Roman Cult. (University of Illinois Press, 2006).
  • The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World’s Ancient Languages. Organizer, editor and contributor. (Cambridge University Press, 2004).
  • Ovid: Fasti. In collaboration with A. J. Boyle. Translation and commentary of Ovid’s work on Roman festivals and religion. (Penguin Books, 2000, reissued 2004).
  • Greek Writing from Knossos to Homer: A Linguistic Interpretation of the Origin of the Greek Alphabet and the Continuity of Ancient Greek Literacy. (Oxford University Press, 1997).

Offices in Professional Organizations:

  • President of the Society for the Study of Greek and Latin Language and Linguistics (1992-2001).

Honors and Awards:

  • CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title of 2006 for The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World’s Ancient Languages. (2004).
  • Sustained Achievement Award, UB Exceptional Scholars Program (2002).

Research projects:

  • Ongoing research in my several areas

  • A new project on the origins of Greek conceptualizations of language

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Myth and Religion in the Ancient World; Ancient Greek.

Graduate Courses:

  • Aristotle, Hesiod, Homer, Greek Lyric, Apollodorus, Plutarch, Roman Religion, Indo-European Linguistics, Greek and Latin Linguistics, Sanskrit.

 Curriculum Vitae