Carolyn Higbie

Phone: 645-0455

Graduate Degrees:

  • M.A.: Princeton University, Department of Classics (1983).
  • M.A.: Oxford University, Department of Classics (1984).
  • PhD: Princeton University, Department of Classics (1987).

Expertise/research interests:

  • Ancient Greece – epic poetry, history, and historiography.

Selected Publications:

  • The Lindian Chronicle and the Greek Creation of their Past (Oxford University Press, 2003).
  • “Craterus and the Use of Inscriptions in Ancient Scholarship,” TAPA 129 (1999) 43-83.
  • “The Bones of a Hero, The Ashes of a Politician: Athens, Salamis, and the Usable Past,” Classical Antiquity 16 (1997) 278-307.

Offices in Professional Organizations:

  • Chair, Committee on Admissions and Fellowships, American School of Classical Studies in Athens (1999-2001).

Honors and Awards:

  • National Humanities Center Fellowship (2003-4).

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Introductory Greek; Alexander the Great; the Ancient Theatre.

Graduate Courses:

  • Greek Syntax and Stylistics; History of Greek Literature; Herodotus; Historiography.

Curriculum Vitae