Overview/Department Core

The Department of Classics is housed in the Millard Fillmore Academic Center (MFAC, also referred to as the “Ellicot Complex”), a sprawling complex located one-half mile to the north of the main cluster of buildings (informally referred to as “The Spine”) on the University at Buffalo Amherst (North) Campus. MFAC also houses the Department of Anthropology, the Department of Geography, classrooms, student dormitories, and a recently renovated food court.

The Department Core consists of a large suite of rooms entered at MFAC 338, a doorway marked by a faux pediment. This is comprised of a reception/administrative area connected to a transverse hallway, off of which open 16 private offices, a supply room, a service room, a seminar room and a slide room. Each of the full-time faculty has an office in this suite, as do some adjunct professors and the journal Arethusa. The bulk of the small undergraduate and graduate classes taught by the Department meet in the seminar room.

The Department supports two facilities that open off of the main hallway immediately outside the Department Core. These are the Goetz Library, in MFAC 320, and the Archaeological Data Processing Laboratory, MFAC 327. Also opening off this hall are four classrooms, including two technology classrooms. The bulk of the medium to large courses taught by the Department meet in these classrooms.

Goetz Library

Archaeological Data Processing Laboratory

The Department also controls a cluster of four rooms situated a ca. one-minute walk south along the main hallway from the Department Core (MFAC Porter 347-350). These rooms house office space for the ca. 18 department graduate students who serve as instructors and teaching assistants.

Somewhat further afield, the Department supports an Archaeological Materials Analysis Laboratory situated at the far northern end of the MFAC complex, Wilkeson 140-A.

Archaeological Materials Analysis Laboratory