PROGRAM NOW AVAILABLE.¬†Online pre-registration is closed. On-site registration will be available the day of the conference.¬† ($75 for non-student and $50 for student) Cash or check (to “UB Foundation”) only.

April 5-6, 2013

University at Buffalo North Campus

Center for the Arts Screening Room

Buffalo, NY 14261

Archaeological GIS, digital historical mapping, literary text mining, and other computational techniques are increasingly shaping how we understand classical antiquity. Digital methods are breaking down sub-disciplinary barriers, allowing literary scholars to more easily explore epigraphical inscriptions, archaeologists to place their findings on digital historical maps, and philosophers to explore style and argument with sophisticated search techniques. Digital tools also offer new ways to explain aspects of classical antiquity in the classroom and to the public at large.

The aim of the inaugural Digital Classics Association (DCA) conference is to provide a survey of current approaches to digital methods of research, teaching, and outreach across classical sub-disciplines, with the goals of further opening inter-disciplinary perspectives and establishing common objectives for digital research and education.

The deadline for general registration is February 15, 2013, close of business. Late registration deadline is March, 1, 2013