The Department sponsors a variety of regularly recurring activities and events

FALL 2017 Semester

September 8, 2017 (Goetz Library, 5:00 pm) Lecture, Professor Mosche Fischer, Tel Aviv University, “Yavneh-Yam, Israel: Archaeology of Multicultural Encounters at the Eastern Mediterranean”

September 13, 2017 (Goetz Library, 3:00 pm)  PhD Defense, Lana Radloff, “Maritime Dynamics and the Polis in Hellenistic Asia Minor (323-c.133 BCE).”

September 22, 2017 (Goetz Library, 5:00 pm) Graduate Student Speaker Series, Professor David Teegarden, University at Buffalo, Cognitive Dissonance and Elite Support for Peisistratos’ Tyranny.”

October 25, 2017 (Goetz Library, 3:00 pm) Lecture, Professor Tyler Jo Smith, University of Virginia, “Black-Figure on the Black Sea: Athenian Pottery from Berezan”

October 25, 2017 (Goetz Library, 5:00 pm) AIA Lecture, Professor Tyler Jo Smith, University of Virginia, “Pisidian Practice: Votive ‘Rock-Art’ in Southwest Anatolia”

November 15, 2017 (Buffalo Museum of Science, Cummings Room, 7:00 pm) IEMA Talk, Dr. Megan Daniels, “From East to West and Back Again;  The Phoenicians and Ancient Mediterranean History”


Spring 2018 Semester

March 1, 2018 (Goetz Library) Graduate Student Speaker Series, Prof. Virginia Burrus, Syracuse University, title and time forthcoming

March 28, 2018 (Goetz Library, 5:00 pm) AIA Lecture, Professor Kevin Dicus, University of Oregon, “Pompeii and the Life History of a City”