The Classics Department at UB is the home of Arethusa, one of the leading journals in the field. Arethusa publishes original, interdisciplinary literary and cultural studies of the ancient world and the field of classics, and promotes work that combines contemporary theoretical perspectives with more traditional approaches to literary and material evidence. Arethusa employs a graduate editorial assistant, offering our students a chance to gain valuable experience in the academic publication process. In addition, Arethusa contributes to the intellectual life of the Classics Department through the Arethusa Seminar Speakers series (click here for a list of past speakers), and supports innovative interdisciplinary programming on the UB campus through the new UB Humanities Institute.

Editor: Martha Malamud
Managing Editor: Madeleine Kaufman

Published by the Johns Hopkins University Press


Arethusa Theme Issues

Arethusa’s thematic issues have responded to changes in the field, as well as presenting important original scholarship on issues. Recent theme issues include:

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Ingens Eloquentiae Materia: Rhetoric and Empire in Tacitus,
Dedicated to the memory of Judith R. Ginsburg

Edited by Martha Malamud and Rhiannon Ash

The Poetics of Deixis in Alcman, Pindar, and Other Lyric
Guest Editor: Nancy Felson

Re-imagining Pliny the Elder
Guest Editors: Roy Gibson and Ruth Morello

The New Simonides
Guest Editors: Deborah Boedeker and David Sider

Ennius and the Invention of Roman Epic
Guest Editors Brian Breed and Andreola Rossi

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Arethusa Books

Published by the Johns Hopkins University Press, this new series features work that applies interdisciplinary methodologies to classics and/or makes available work within classics that readers in other disciplines will find useful. Manuscript submissions of monographs or thematic collections of essays should be submitted to the Series Editor, Martha Malamud, Classics Department, MFAC 338, UB, Buffalo, NY 14261.

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Aristophanes and the Carnival of Genres. By Charles Platter. BMCR review.

Imperial Projections: Ancient Rome in Modern Popular Culture. Edited by Sandra Joshel, Margaret Malamud, and Donald T. McGuire, jr. BMCR review.

The Roman Gaze: Vision, Power and the Body in Ancient Rome. Edited by David Fredrick. BMCR review, AJP review.

Gendered Dynamics in Latin Love Poetry. Edited by Ronnie Ancona and Ellen Greene. BMCR review.

Arethusa Monographs

The following monographs are available:

II. ROBERT K. SHERK, The Municipal Decrees of the Roman West. 1970, vii + 111 pp. Price, $6.00

V. MAZARIS, Journey to Hades. Greek Text with Intro., Transl., Notes, and Index by Seminar Classics 609, 1975, xxxviii + 134 pp. Price,$8.00

VI. THEOPHYLACTUS SIMOCATES, On Predestined Terms of Life. Greek Text and English Translation with Notes and full index, by Charles Garton and Leendert G. Westerink. 1978, xv + 42 pp. Price, $5.00

VII. GERMANOS, On Predestined Terms of Life. Greek Text with English Transl., and Indices by C. Garton and L. G. Westerink. 1979, xxix + 82 pp. Price, $7.00

VIII. AGNELLUS OF RAVENNA, Lectures on Galen’s De Sectis. Latin Text and Translation with Notes and Index, by Seminar Classics 609. 1981, xviii + 181 pp. Price, $10.00

IX. ROBERT FRORIEP, Aspects of the Tongue (1828). Original Latin Text, Edited and Translation by C. Garton and J. D. Gerencser, with the assistance of A. J. Drinnan. 1982, xiii + 217 pp., with black and white and colored plates. Price, $15.00

X. IBN AT-TAYYIB, Proclus’ Commentary on the Pythagorean Golden Verses. Arabic Text and English Transl. by N. Linley. 1984, xi + 105 pp. Price, $10.00

XI. JULES BRODY, “Fate” in Oedipus Tyrannus: A Textual Approach. 1985. 94 pp. Price, $10.00

XII. THOMAS G. ROSENMEYER, Deina Ta Polla. Twenty Critical Stances. 1988, v + 74 pp. Price, $10.00

Prices are postpaid for book rate in the U.S. For mailing or overseas shipment, postage is additional. Please make checks payable to ARETHUSA MONOGRAPHS, and mail to: Arethusa Monographs 
Department of Classics 338 MFAC Buffalo, NY 14261 Enquiries should be addressed to Madeleine Kaufman via email at or at the above address, or by phone at (716)645-2154 ext. 114.